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Sunday Services 8:20 am, 9:40 am & 11:00 am, Sunday School/Bible hour 9:40 am


What's happening?


FaithSearch with Dr. Don Bierle

On Sunday, April 3 beginning at 8:20 AM, Ph.D. biologist Don Bierle begins a 3 part presentation using current scientific and biblical evidence to unravel creation, evolution and the meaning of life. With all the fuss over what should and shouldn't be taught in schools, and with politicians weighing in on all levels, FaithSearch Origins is a must see presentation. A special Q&A event for middle school and senior high youth will be held Saturday evening at 5:00 PM. Mark your calendars!


CBC LifeGroups starting January 10

Start the new year off right and get involved with one of the LifeGroups. Check the bulletin for times and study details and then signup in the fellowship hall.


New Bible Studies -- See bulletin for more details.

Sunday evening women's study by Angie Smith called Seamless. See how the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation connects as on a beautiful, seamless thread. Our study will begin on Sunday, Jan. 10th, at 3:30 pm.


Friday morning men’s Bible study will be starting the new updated edition of the book Understanding the Times: A Survey of Competing Worldviews on January 8th. Join us for breakfast, fellowship, and study of competing worldviews.


Thursday morning men's Bible study begins working through John Piper's book, Don't Waste Your Life on January 7th. The group meets from 6:00 am to 7:00. Learn about purusing God, not trivial, self-fulfillment pursuits.


See bulletin for additional items/information!

Thank you for visiting!  Whether you are looking for a church to call home or whether Community Bible is your home, our desire is to minister to you through this web site.  We encourage visitors to learn about us online and then come visit in person.  We trust that you will see that our focus is on knowing Jesus Christ and equipping believers to make Him known to others.  To that end we use the Bible, God's inerrant Word, as our sole source of truth and basis for all instruction. Bible references (e.g. Psalm 111:10) are now linked throughout our site so you can read the scripture by hovering over the reference with your mouse.


If you attend Community Bible, we hope this website helps keep you informed of church activities and ministers to you. We also want you to know where you can minister to others.  As we learn in Romans, we are one body in Christ and have different gifts according to God's grace.  It is God's desire that we exercise these gifts to His glory.  Don't miss out on God's best -- see where you can put God's gifts to work in your life and in the life of the church