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Missions supported by Community Bible Church


Community Bible Church operates on a faith-based missions program.  This means that individuals in the church designate whom they wish to support and then give accordingly.  The missions available to receive faith-based giving are determined by the Missions Committee.


Joe & Ronni Bernardy

Jon & Beth Duba  

Byron Bible Camp

Larry and Lorna Epp

Haggai Institute


Focus on the Family


Carlos Garcia
Equipping the Saints


Chug & Karen Garreau,

Calvary Chapel in Dupree, SD

Jeremy & Trina Hamilton

Ken & Liz Korkow
Christian Business Men's Committee

KSLT radio


David & Sally Lott


Larry and Diane Mathews



Moody Radio

Arlyn & Marcy Nies

AWANA Missionaries


Tim & Ronnie Peirce
Campus Crusade

Nick Peterson


Paul and Melissa Rowenhorst
Child Evangelism Fellowship


Dr. Maynard & Dorothy Seaman
TEAM - retired


Cross Centered Missions

John Strohman

Mexico Missions

John Strohman & Steve Valland


Ken & Lori Stucky
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

Sunshine Bible Academy

near Miller, SD

Ken & Karen Toews
Victory Center Bible Camp

Duane & Penny Unruh
E Free Church Mission


Rod & Val Vaughn

Diamond Willow Ministries


VCY Radio


Josien Vletter

ICOC Mission in Austria


Two individuals in

Marketplace ministries
Christian Missionary Fellowship

One individual in China